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My First Blog

My First Blog

Oh really!!!

Yes, finally I started my blog. I tried to start the blog and have my portfolio long time ago. But no idea why I didn’t even tried to make or start it. Once someone told me designers or developers make beautiful stuffs and do good program but they don’t have the time to make their own. Yeah that’s right.

Well I had many things to do, personally and organizationally. I worked with some well known big companies but slowly I find the less interest in them. I don’t know why but I started it my own. Basically, I listened to myself. Then I begin working on my own. And this is what I call freedom 🙂 . I might not be doing the 9-6 job in the near future unless it is something extra.

I will add different posts in my blog. They include my works, my adventures and many more. I may include people photos and content about them. If anyone find the content offensive, please do contact me. The content in my blog doesn’t intend to offend anyone. I am extremely sorry if it ever happens.

I am often called as “InspiredMonster”. I created this name simply because I am always inspired by the stuffs around the world, basically in the web. The monster word at the last simply means a good monster 😀 It doesn’t mean the man eating or scary monster.

Now here I go with my beautiful and never stopping adventurous journey 🙂

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