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What’s next in life

What’s next in life

Life goes and goes on. But a new step is stepped by me. I don’t know the result yet. I have no idea about it though. After years of experience, I am stepping a new step in my life. I wanted to have an experience in the same field before stepping in to the another course of my academic life. Life is uncertain and things are too. Lots of anxiety come in mind. What will happen, what will be after that. What if I don’t get a chance.

It is never too late to start a new thing. Some become CEO at 30s but some at 50s. Some start their career at 40 and some retires at 50. I think it is their personal time. Everybody walks in their time. What is most important is they should be focused on what they want to do in life. Everybody has their right time and I think this is my right time to start a new academic life in my life.

Gaining experience was the foremost thing in my life before going for any other degree. I got tons of experience. From professional experience to communication skills and life skills, I have gained much of this. Some dreams came true and some are still to be. I always dreamt of gaining a degree from abroad and from reputed university. I hope my dreams come true.

I believe that we should focus on our life and observe little things we miss because one day when we look back and realize that they were big things. I believe my steps will lead me to golden future ahead.

Praying for all well wishes. But if not what? Where should I lead it. Where should I step in. I hope time will let me know.

Don’t worry if you are not where you want to be yet, Great things take time
– Anonymous

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